Wednesday Words 1.10

How do you get reviews?

I’ve done everything I have heard suggested before.

I have a link in the back of the book.

I offer a short story, that explains something alluded to in the story, if you review.

I used paid marketing, the only one I could get so far because I don’t have enough reviews, to supply a free day, hoping for reviews. Not a single one.

I bothered every human I know who has read my book to leave a review. (5 did, thank you, you know how wonderful you are and how much this helps me)

I have submitted for “profession review.” (Although I would love to hear more pro sites that are legit from people who have used them…)

Please, Please, tell me how you get reviews if you’re an author? And if you’re a reader, what gets you to review a book?



Fiendish Friday: Virgin No More

It’s happened ladies and gentlemen my rejection cherry has been popped and vastly sooner than I anticipated hearing back from the publisher.

What did she say?

Despite the engaging read, I am sorry to say that I have to pass on your series. The majority of readers in this category are looking for a murder that can be solved within the space of one book, and I don’t know that it would be possible for us to find commercial success by breaking out of that formula and requiring the reader to invest in three books to discover the serial killer.

Ok. Sure.

Except when I pitched the series to her, I made it clear that despite murders being solved in books one and two, the Dismember Killer would not be caught until book 3 and she still asked to see the manuscript of book 1.

Reading between the lines?

The book sucks and she wanted to be kind or maybe avoid any drama from would be authors. LOL.

Which brings me back to that same old grind. Maybe the reason all the things I do for marketing don’t work for me when they work for other people is I’m just not starting with a good book.




Wednesday Words 1.3

It’s a new year of Wednesday Words. I want to try to be more regular about this but I suspect it will still be hit and miss.

I wrestled a lot last year about whether I have the right temperament for the battle it takes to get any traction in the publishing world. I’m caught in the standard catch 22. I need more reviews to get more marketing but I need more marketing to get more readers to get more reviews.

So I’m giving it one more year. I’m shelving the debate about my emotional state and going full out. Whatever ads and marketing I can secure, three more novels, and probably one anthology, if Dan wants.

I was asked to post more of my writing. I can do that. I will do that. Soon.

What writing goals do you have for yourself this year?

Wednesday Words 11.29

Today I got to see a review of my short in The Box Under the Bed.

The reviewer complained that he knew what was going to happen from the start and that it was all sexual tension instead of fear.

But it was well written. Gee, thanks.

LOL. I always though one of the hallmarks of classic horror is that you know it’s coming, you see it coming, and yet you are helpless to stop it.

Silly me.

At least it was well written. LOL

Wednesday Words 11.8

Did you hear that loud crashing sound? Yup, that was my stomach falling though the floor as I pressed send on an email to that editor at Source from SIWC. Gulp.

I am working hard on rewriting the murder mystery in question. I know, I know, why did I pitch something that wasn’t done?

Well, the truth is I went to Surrey to pitch something else but went down hard in flames. Rather than keep doing the same thing over again, hello insanity,  I took my first chapter of the murder mystery, which I brought for an editing session, and I threw that up against the wall. It stuck. Three times.

What’s a writer to do in those circumstances? Look a gift editor in the mouth? Wait, that so didn’t translate.

To be fair, I was honest and upfront and told everyone I was in the middle of rewriting.

So that’s the big enchilada, writing. Fast.

For the rest of you, you can still get that pre-order special (99 cents) of Ostrich Mentalityfor one more week before you gotta pay full price for my genius. Just saying.

How’s your Nano?


Wednesday Words 10.25

Greetings and Salutations my friends. I’m posting a bit later than normal but I find myself constantly running behind these days. On the other hand I am getting a lot done in regards to my books. Oh well. Late is the new Early, right?

Last weekend I schlepped up to Canada for the Surrey International Writers Conference. I will right a long post detailing the conference soon but for tonight I will hit the three coolest things and the three “you have got to be kidding me” things.

  1. I met seriously amusing people. Just flat out amazing, holy cow people.
  2. I learned some new bits about publishing, self publishing, and marketing that I did not know before.
  3. And yeah a couple of agents and an editor want the first 40 of my murder mystery.

Now the cruddy parts…

  1. Due to three traffic accidents and some weather straight out of Sharknado, I got to the hotel too late to eat lunch before my 3.5 hour long Masters Session. Now this might not seem like a big deal unless you know I don’t eat brekkie usually, I drink coffee. So I pull an epic bar out of my bag and power through. I can get dinner before the evening session. Tell me you know where this is going? The afternoon session runs so long I don’t have time to eat dinner. So I pull another epic bar out of my bag and settle in for 3.5 hours. An hour in I hated the presenter so much I got up and walked out. Room Service? HGTV? Yes, please.
  2. I went to a panel that described as X. And then the presenter did not talk about X, he told “aren’t I great” stories. And during Q&A when I and several other people tried to ask pointed questions about X, he dithered and talked around an answer. Thanks ass, I missed a good workshop on editing for this.
  3. The temperature. Seriously. I have been to conferences before I knew what to prepare for, but this was like – welcome to the Sahara during the dry season and  now Antarctica in winter.  I have never seen such epic temperature discrepancies, easily 20 degrees between rooms. All dry too. The kind of dry where your nose starts spontaneously bleeding, that dry.

All in all however I will call it a successful weekend. Look for more on the conference in the coming weeks. Also keep an eye out for Ostrich Mentality pre-sale, next week.