Wednesday Words 6/21

Woot, Summer is here. At least according to the calendar. We actually breached the 70s once this past week. LOL

I managed to get 2 chapters edited but I seem to just be removing cruddy words. If my novel gets any shorter I’ll have to call it a novella. LOL

So question of protocol. I write under a pseudonym. When I sit down with agents and editors do I introduce myself as my pseudonym or my real name? Inquiring minds want to know….

Wednesday Words 6/14

With the editing of others:

Not editing. Quiet peace right now, although three of my students tell me I will have reading to do soon. In the mean time, I’m reading a lot of other books, like 5 of them right now. The 3AM Epiphany, The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu, Tyranny-Lessons from the 20th Century, Barking Up The Wrong Tree, The House of Spirits(gift from my SIL, might as well try to read it).

With my own writing:

Editing is going ok. I keep going back and forth a bit. I sent out my new first chapter for a read through. Two liked it, one thought I needed to add more back from the original version to up the tension. sigh. I’ll get it right at some point. LOL. Maybe.

Emotionally: I got this email this week:

I just wanted to let you know that I got a kindle for my graduation this year, and I hooked it up to my family account.  I was scrolling through the my books section and I found your book, scripting the truth.  As of this morning at 6, I haven’t been able to put my kindle down.  I’m on chapter 36, 73% through the book.  It is truly a work of art, and I’m sad not a lot of people know about it.
 I cried.
Topic for debate on my writing:

Hrm, I’m not sure I have anything to debate. I registered for that conference. I booked a sit down with an agent and an editor. I can book more when arrive if they have slots left open. I’m ridiculously nervous about it. But it’s on the line now, I need to get this book done or I will have nothing to discuss in my appointments. I am an excellent pressure player. My sitter has not found a summer job yet, so I added a couple of mid days each week to my regular sitting schedule, more time to write.

Wednesday Words 5/31

It’s Sunday afternoon. We’ve had the neighbor kids over for breakfast and cartoons which allowed me lots of time to take care of things. That’s my preferred way to function. If I was outlining the perfect day it would go like this.

Sleep in till 7-730.

Enjoy two cups of coffee while reading a good book. Breakfast, dishes, a few chores.

Maybe a little more reading.

An hour or so on reading and responding to emails and social media.

A nice long work out.

A healthy lunch and then, bam sit down to the computer. Two hours easy of productive writing before nap time creeps up on me.

I am right on track, and the hubs even volunteers to take the kiddo for a bike ride and to run an errand we need ran. Awesome. Thank you, I love you, you are amazing. I am going to work on my book.

Then they come back after 45 minutes because they forgot the bike helmets, ok, it happens. But then they decide on lunch and to accompany the consumption of said lunch the hubs starts blasting metal. sigh. Color me fully distracted and on my way to a headache. So I stop trying to work, I play with the hubs and son for a while. They finally leave, all is peaceful.

I sit back down at the damn spy novel, thinking where was I? When a thought strikes me, a cruise missile out of the blue, a bit of feedback someone gave me months ago, that I still haven’t addressed. Agh. Do I finish the chapter I am currently cleaning up? Or stop and fix it the other problem because it will surely interfere with the changes I am making now. And then I think, this damn thing is so not salvageable. I should just drop it and move on to the next thing.

Seriously, is there anything more irritating?

Wednesday Words 5/24

Ok this will be the short version of Wed Words. I am slammed with edits to my spy novel and updating the blog site. I hope you are enjoying some of the changes, more are coming but….

New names for Gareth (his name is too close to another). Spy. Hard core, been in the biz long term, compartmentalizes his personal life to be the coldest, most efficient guy on the job.







Wednesday Words 5/10

With the editing of others:

Currently just cleaning up the wording on the coop website. It needs a whole redesign as the prez wants us to enter it into a contest next year but…for now the verbiage is approaching readable. LOL

With my own writing:

I finished rewriting chapter one. And I am actually happy with the results. The new version sounds much more like my voice and less like narration over a documentary.


I’m doing ok. I don’t know yet what I am going to do with book 2 now when I am done rewriting it but I am working forward. I had a long talk with my co-teacher of the library series and we both committed to teaching next year as well; with a new topic, which I’m pretty excited about. I plan to do Camp Nano in July and I know what I want to work on during that period; so I am committed to finishing total rewrite number 94 of this damn soy novel by the end of June. LOL

Topic for debate on my writing:

Character Names. I have two characters in the spy novel with names that start with the same letter, Gareth and Galatea. A couple of people have mentioned that was confusing for them. Now they are different sexes, from different countries, and speak vastly differently – but people are confused. Yes, yes, I know, but I was a rookie when I started writing this damn novel. Hence all the rewrites it’s needed.

Do you think that is a wide spread issue and therefore I should change one of the characters names? Or is that it was just a couple of people who scan read and it won’t matter?

Wednesday Words

Norwescon was last weekend. It stirred up a lot of thoughts and emotions for me this year. I’ll go into that in a moment but I also decided I was ready to talk about writing again on a regular basis. So Wednesday Words, this is your (re)birthday.

With the editing of others: Working on a book for a young woman in my writing class. 90K plus words of pure fantasy. You may have noticed, I don’t read fantasy, that’s because I don’t like fantasy. LOL. But she’s my student so I slog on. And yes before you ask I am being careful not to suggest she should remove things that are appropriate to fantasy while not appropriate in other genres.

With my own writing: Still rewriting the first chapter of my spy novel. I don’t have a lot of writing time, but I am working towards increasing that. I have been steadily moving the time I wake up back in 15 minutes increments. So the time available is actively growing. LOL

Side note: This is my 500th post to WordPress. Get on with me productive self.

Emotionally: Super conflicted about my writing right now. I feel like last year was such a let down. To publish a good solid book and have it go completely unnoticed by the world at large was painful. I was depressed a good chunk of the year (help along by some other personal issues). I don’t want to publish my spy novel, which is 4.5 years in the making, and feel the same. Which makes me wonder if I am emotionally cut out for the life of an author.

Topic for debate on my writing: To sex or not to sex. 

Most thrillers, which a spy novel is considered one, don’t have sex scenes. They have fade to black of various levels. Mine currently has two scenes and a fade to black. I tend to get one of two responses to this. Either A) MORE SEX! or B) Why is there sex in this book?

Should I buck the no overt sex in thrillers trend or change my scenes to a sooner fade to black option?

To write or not to write

that is the question at hand. I play this game called The Red Dragon Inn. I like it a lot. It’s a fun drinking game and the characters are amusing. Some thought has gone into it’s creation. Then one day I was reading a blog post about where to get plot ideas and blogger linked to a web page about black holes and suggested that you could write a novel about falling through a black hole and ending up somewhere.

Suddenly I knew, they were falling through the black hole and ending up at the Red Dragon Inn. So I jotted the idea down in my email draft box (where all ideas go to die) and walked on.

Only the damn idea wouldn’t flipping die.

It kept coming up behind me, tapping me on the shoulder, and saying excuse me but I think I want to …..

Fine, here’s a snippet I wrote at the character’s insistence. It is not meant to be the opening line or anything grand, in fact I’m pretty sure this is at least the second time she’s landed in the bar. You tell me whether I should let this be all there is or if I should feed this beast and let it live….

I landed on the lounger again, out of breathe. These landings weren’t getting any softer. As I lay there surveying my surroundings, a tiny bell rang. The passing serving wench paused, her hands full with tankards of mead. As she opened her mouth to speak I expected some sort of humor regarding angels getting their wings but instead she said, “You might want to move,” and glanced towards the darkness above me.
Defying her suggestion I lay back to look at the aperture I had recently fallen through. Then I dove for the floor. 
An ogre landed on the lounger with a grunt, all he had air for. He sat up quicker than I had learned to and nudged my leg out of the way of his foot before standing. I chose to see this as a polite gesture. 
He crossed the flag stone floor to belly up to the bar, roaring for a drink. 
I sat up slowly pondering his position in my quest. Was he my competition or my salvation?
Feed it or let it die?