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  1. Sunday Sup: Apple Cake

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    April 23, 2017 by tahenryauthoress

    Greeting and Salutations! I am vastly hung over this morning. Nothing helps with a hangover like junk food. Of course …
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  2. Sunday Sup: Experimental Muffins


    April 16, 2017 by tahenryauthoress

    I bribe my students. I do. If they share an opinion about the reading or vocalize an answer to the …
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  3. Sunday Sup: It’s finally Spring Pasta

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    April 9, 2017 by tahenryauthoress

    It’s officially Spring according to the calendar. We topped fifty degrees. I shaved my legs and broke out my spring …
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  4. Sunday Sup: Glorious Carbie Pancakes

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    April 2, 2017 by tahenryauthoress

    I almost never indulge in this sort of carb fest for breakfast. It just sets the wrong tone for the …
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  5. Sunday Sup: Chicken Cream Pasta


    March 26, 2017 by tahenryauthoress

    I am not usually one for dishes this fussy but I have to admit the final taste was worth every …
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  6. Sunday Sup: Spanish Rice Redux


    March 19, 2017 by tahenryauthoress

    The original for today’s Sunday Sup comes from a cookbook entitled Eat Smart, Lose Weight. It was a gift. From …
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  7. Sunday Sup: the Hubs liked it


    March 12, 2017 by tahenryauthoress

    I am torn about this recipe. It sounded good. I made some adjustments, made it paleo friendly. And it just …
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