Fiendish Friday: Gobsmacked

Before I start this rant/story I just have to ask: do pharmacists get any formal education anymore or do they just have to pass some sort of pill counting exam?
The kiddo got a bug bite at the cub scouts camp out this past weekend. Sunday it looked like a mosquito bite he had scratched a bit.
Monday morning at the ophthalmologist I notice a big red patch on his arm.
oh crud.
We’re at stop one of a multi stop errand run. I call my nurse on demand, ie, oldest friend in the world. She doesn’t answer.
Well double crud.
I grab a pen and draw a circle around the red area, noting the time. I pop into the drug store and buy the kiddo some benadryl.
We continue on. The kiddo is happy, his arm doesn’t itch anymore.
We get home 2 hours later and the red is bigger.
Triple cruddle.
I call the actual advice nurse who says he must be seen.
We go in, joy of joys, fast appt. He needs antibiotics.
We go to the pharmacy. It will be 20 minutes. We wander the store looking at the strange things in the “As Seen On TV” aisle.
The pharmacist calls my cell phone. Weird.
My prescription isn’t ready, they don’t actually have it in stock. “It will be in on Thursday, we can call you when it’s ready to be picked up.”
WTF? Did you actually just suggest I should let an infection run unchecked in my child’s body for four days?
“I’m afraid that won’t work for us as he has an infection now, not on Thursday. Can you see which pharmacy has it and transfer our prescription there?”
Slaps self in the forehead to keep from slapping the pharmacist.

Fiendish Friday: To you

Yes, you. The lovely soccer mom driving the monster Escalade through a crowded Saturday afternoon parking lot with her face glued to her cell phone. I know you didn’t see me, hello all you saw was your cell phone. But that was me, jumping back to keep from getting run over by you. I have just one thing to say to you….

Please tell me you were looking at pictures of a naked Chris Pine from Wonder Woman.

I hate to think my life is only worth a boring old text telling you not to forget the milk….

Fiendish Friday: The crack

I was mistakenly cruising my home “news” page on facebook. It was a fairly low politics day so I got to check out people’s plans for the weekend and what their cute kids had broken now…then I came across this video. Of a construction guy putting plaster into another man’s pants because his crack was showing.

The crack guy gets really mad and starts yelling at the plaster guy.

All of the comments on the video were about how it served crack guy right and he shouldn’t get so mad.

WTF? When did assault become funny and the victim’s fault? I’m kind of horrified by man kind right now…

Fiendish Friday: More Love Please

I’ve been seeing lots of posts and blogs and articles about who people choose to love. The most recent one….

If as a woman, you like masculine women, why don’t you just date a man?

Really? People burn lean tissue trying to ponder this cruddle? Why does it matter?

As long as everyone participating is an adult capable of making decisions for their own life, why do you care who people love?

I think more love is good for the world. More love might just lead to more acceptance which might just lead to more love which might just lead to solutions…

poverty, famine, war….we got bigger problems than who someone else loves.

Fiendish Friday: Respect

I realized after my son’s birthday party this has been a real hot button idea for me lately. I’m not sure why I feel completely disrespected but I do. Like I am unappreciated.

When my son dumps boxes of legos all over the floor, my immediate response is how disrespectful that is. How dismissive of my time and effort to clean them up so the room can be used as something other than a lego garage bin.

When  my father in law cheats at cards, I feel disrespected.

When the kids did not tell me something very unpleasant was going on outside in their game of hide and seek, I felt disrespected.

I suppose this is tied to those basic feelings of inadequacy I still struggle with. If I was a better person I would be more respected. Treated with some measure of respect. If I was a better person the boys wouldn’t have been threatening the girls with a garbage can full of their urine. Which seems….silly in stark gray and white. And yet haunts me…

It’s all very uncomfortable.

Fiendish Friday: Insta-Karma

Insta-Karma is kind of like an Insta-pot. Things heat up fast and you have to be careful how you release that pressure.

I’m in Seattle with some friends, it’s Spring break so parking is hard to come by, and we end up in this little private garage that rents space. Price was decent. We go to the PacSci, have a great time, and return to our vehicle. As we are walking through the garage I notice a truck at the exit gate and a car behind him.

We all get snacks and waters and arrange ourselves in the mini van, taking some minutes, before we head for the exit.

The same truck is still at the gate, now 2 cars behind him, and a car in the next row over waiting as well.

My friend hops out of the car to see if she can find someone working this garage to help the guy in the truck. No go. She comes back alone. In the mean time, one of the people waiting behind the truck has gotten out to see if he can help, politely. We all have our windows rolled down listening. He’s super nice.

In the midst of all this, the woman in the car the next aisle over, starts SCREAMING at the guy in the truck. Name calling, rude, foul mouthed tantrum.

The guy in the truck backs up, then pulls a hard left, and backs into her aisle, blocking her.

The rest of us rapidly leave via the gate. You could hear her still screaming as we drove away.


8 Things I love

Today’s book review is suspended in honor of my son’s eighth birthday. It’s tradition….

Eight things about my son

  1. He is a total hug monster. And he demands a hug when he wants one. That ability to ask for what he needs so boldly astounds me.
  2. He fully expects his needs to be met. smiles. This is the best thing I could ever teach him. His needs matter and he has a right to them.
  3. He learned to read this year. 2nd best thing he could learn. LOL
  4. His heart is constantly expanding. He can make a new best friend everywhere he goes and still love the old one.
  5. He has more girlfriends than the members of a rock band, combined. I still remember being at the zoo when he was maybe 2 and this little blond girl, he met that day, kissing him after they played together.
  6. He makes me laugh every day.
  7. He trusts me with his emotions.
  8. He does what he likes no matter what the norm is. He wears pjs everyday with a Star Wars Kylo Ren tie, paints his finger and toe nails, rocks a faux hawk, hates Disney style “kid” movies because they are mean, is just as likely to watch Lego Friends or My Little Pony as Ninjago or Rebels.