Fiendish Friday : Boring

Yesterday an Amazon package arrives at my door. The kiddo is super excited. It’s weeks past his birthday, but each new box could be a belated present. This one proves to contain hair dye. He is not thrilled. “More hair dye?” he says.

“Well yes, I’m almost out of the various colors I use and I need to redye this weekend.”

He rolls his eyes.

“What you don’t like that I dye my hair anymore?”

“It’s just so boring now. You’ve been doing it for years.”

You heard it here folks, dying your hair five different colors on a regular basis is boring…


Wednesday Words 5.16

A couple of weeks ago I gave my writing class an in class essay to complete. They had a month’s notice to research and they could write any type of essay on any subject they chose.

I expected the papers would still kind of suck, I mean they’re 10-14 years old, this isn’t Pulitzer here.

Surprisingly, they weren’t half bad. Some were even quite good. One poor kid I have made rewrite his paper 3 times because he is so close to turning in an amazing paper. And not “amazing for his age”, but as in, any prof I had in college would give him an A for it paper. (He’s eleven by the way. Someday he will get a Pulitzer. He better thank me in his acceptance speech.)

So I say to the class as I am handing them back, because you have to babble as you walk around the room handing back papers, it’s like a rule, “Either I am an incredible teacher or you guys are naturally talented because these papers were really good.”

Instantly the smart ass says, “I’m naturally talented.”

At the same time another student says, “You are an incredible teacher.”

oh jeez kid. really?


Side Note: I am writing on book 2. It’s still happening.

Fiendish Friday: Say What?

A new season of Love It or List It came out on HGTV. It’s one of the kiddo’s favorite shows and since I would much rather watch reno than Ninjago with him, I am all for it. But I’ve noticed this commercial. For a riding lawn mower. The wife is quizzing the husband like he’s a five year old about lawn mulching and he has to get all the answers right before she’ll give him the keys to lawn mower so he can presumably go mow their lawn.

It bugged me. Every time I saw it. I started hitting the mute button so I could ignore it.

And then today I realized why. If you switched the characters and a husband was grilling his wife like a small child before she could have the keys to the lawn mower, people would be livid. Totally up in arms about rampant sexism. It would be a movement on Facebook, there would be marches, people boycotting the company, who’s name escapes me now, sorry.

I’ve decided that’s my new line in the sand. If you switch the genders and it’s easily believable as sexist, then it’s not okay either way. Treat everyone equally.

The Little Man Turns Nine

My child is growing up. Technically he’s half way to “adult” this year. Seems mad. In some ways he’s more grown up than half the adults I know. LOL. On the other hand I shake in fear of him behind the wheel, voting in elections, going war. Gulp.

On a happier note, this year I bring you amusing things he has said:

“That’s just wrong. You can’t change the nature of vampires.” – after I explained the premise of Twilight to him

“She’s the same level of crazy as me, we’re a good match.” – about a new friend

“Why would we hunt a bird? That’s a cat’s job.”

“Do you know how expensive jet pack fuel is?”

“I think we should go to Greece, but I’m gonna need an extra suitcase so I can bring sacrifices for the gods. I don’t want my liver being eaten for eternity.” (Too much Greek mythology, clearly)

and my least favorite:

“Why would anyone read a book about that?” after I explained Ostrich Mentality to him. Thanks kiddo. Always a joy.


Fiendish Friday: I have a Type

Most women have a type, I suppose that’s not very surprising. When I say I have a type though, I don’t mean in men I dated. I frequently dated men that looked nothing alike. I was always much more concerned with who they were, rather than how they looked. My exes run the gambit, they really do.

But where I had a type, was the actors I thought hot. The actors whose movies I would see no matter what the subject matter.

Bailey Chase was one of the soldiers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not the one dating Buffy, but his right hand man. He’s done a few things since then. I always tune in.

Brendan Fehr is from Roswell. He hasn’t done much since, but is now in Night Shift. Still smokin’ hot. I binge watch every time Netflix gets the new season.

Michael Biehn, Aliens. Wow. When he tells Ripley he’ll kill them both if they get infected. sigh.

Gabriel Macht, Frank James in American Outlaws. Not the cool one but definitely my pick.

Jeremy Renner. Ok, he’s kind of a big deal now, I get it. But he was the bad guy in SWAT. The bad guy I wanted to get away with actually. LOL.

They all have certain traits in common. Medium brown hair, usually short. Strong jaw, usually with a cleft. Very distinct noses, prominent, one might say. Their ears all stick out a bit, just a bit. Broad foreheads. Sound like anyone?


It appears I was looking for you before I knew you. Happy 40th Birthday, My Love!

Fiendish Friday: Work?

I’ve noticed this trend. Whenever I go somewhere during the “working” day, someone inevitably comments “but you don’t work right?” as soon as it comes about that I home school my child. And I have to ask, you – not them, what exactly do you think I do all day? Eat bonbons and watch soap operas. I can’t remember the last time I ate a bonbon (keto mug cakes do not count) and Property Brothers is not a soap opera despite the hi-jinx and twins involved.  So this is what I did yesterday while “not working” and to be honest this is pretty close to an average day for me.

Get up, make coffee

Walk Dog

check personal email, check professional email, read and respond to commentary on blog

home school child

hang dry wall

spend an hour pulling weeds

watch 4 additional children who’s parents (friends of mine) needed help (5.5 hours)

read 120 pages of a text on effective marketing

write wednesday words blog, write review of marketing book

quick 30 minute meeting on registration for the coop and what still needs handling

yoga for an hour


cook dinner


pick up house

eat with hubs

crochet half an infinity scarf for xmas while watching home repair shows

research tile and wall paper options and prepare a slide show for the hubs to review so he can have an opinion on the bathroom I am renovating

write shopping list for home depot trip

pack my clothes, the kiddo’s clothes, keto friendly snacks, and vitamins for weekend trip to FIL’s birthday event

read 50 pages of a cozy mystery before bed.


There you go, my non-working day. Seriously, I miss the days when I went to the office for my job for 8 hours.

Then on the drive home I saw this sign. “Life sometimes hands you lemons but you don’t have to suck on them.”

Well crap. ROFL. Fine, I’m going to take them lemons, add butter, almond flour, an egg, monk fruit extract and make me a mug cake.


Fiendish Friday: Productivity

I had multiple people ask me this week how I find time to do what I do. I had no answer for them. I don’t know how I find time to to do what I do. I often feel guilty I haven’t accomplished more. It seems to me there are plenty of hours available in the day. And it only makes sense to allocate them to projects that need my attention.

I am only guessing, but I know for some people, “I only have x time” is a real hang up. If I only have 15 minutes until I need to get in the shower to get ready to go somewhere and the kiddo is busy, I’ll spend 15 minutes bashing tile off the wall in the bathroom I am renovating. Or prepping dinner 8 hours before I plan to serve it so I can free up extra time later. I’m kind of compulsive that way.

Part of what helps me is tracking my time for a few days. Generally when I start feeling less productive, I will track everything I do for 3 days and see where my time is going. It might be that I’ve fallen into a bad social media habit or gotten obsessed with a new time wasting game. Sometimes I find I am actually spending my time where I need to be – my feelings just don’t align with reality. Sort of like that guilt I feel for not doing quite everything under the sun(rain) possible.

The concrete, written record of what I do do forces my negative nellie to stuff it. That little internal me who says you really could have done so much more today, this week, this month, this year. She has to shut it. Because there it is in black and white. I do a metric f**k ton of work on a daily basis. LOL.

What do you do when you start doubting your own productivity?