Fiendish Friday: Nanowrimo


November 4, 2016 by tahenryauthoress

I’m sad. To be honest, I’m not sad. I’m pissed off and jealous. I want to be a willy nilly writer again. I really want to do Nano this year.

I have two great ideas on bat too. Just waiting for 30 days of insane pressure to hone them into a rough diamond.

But the grown up writer in me. The mature one that talks about my career and all that jazz, says, you need to finish editing and publish your sophomore novel or you don’t have a career.

But I wanna play…..

Because that’s what Nano is, play. It’s fun, and exciting, and obsessively insane.

Sigh. I need to keep my eye on the line now, because I let that whole drama over the summer, cough cough pool board cough cough, screw up my time line.

Thank you for entertaining my two year old tantrum. Stomps feet, spins round in a circle, jumps up and down once or twice.

The grown up is back in charge. But if you have a moment…tell me, how is Nano treating you this year?


8 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Nanowrimo

  1. EDC Writing says:

    Like you I’m finishing what I started … so leaving Nano well alone this year … mind you I can’t stop entering short (ish) writing challenges, competitions and the like!

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  2. I’m trying to be a grown-up and focus my nano into something terribly productive, and that’s feeling a bit tough. I wish I could just write like the wind. Although hopefully a few more days of studying and outlining and I should be able to do that…I hope!

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  3. talkchatter says:

    So far , so good. Not making targets but having lots of fun and writing stuff that I am pleased with.

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