Fiendish Friday: NCIS – Season 13


September 23, 2016 by tahenryauthoress

I don’t have cable TV. Or satellite. Or whatever other cool stuff that has been invented. I have the internet and netflix. It serves me well. No commercials. I don’t have to wait a week between episodes. Of course I do have to wait until the entire season comes out. But once it does, I can binge watch it to my little heart’s content.

In late August, NCIS season 13 made it to netflix. I’ve watched NCIS forever. I adore Mark Harmon and he’s the reason I started watching it but over the years, of course, I got interested in other characters. Ducky, for example, is blooming amazing. And I would love to be friends with Abby. I always really liked Kate. And her death, so early on, was a shock.

So I should have known what was coming. I should have. But I thought maybe, just maybe, they’d give Tony a happy ending. I thought Ziva would show up with their child, I predicted a son though. And she and Tony would ride off into the sunset together. I mean come on. Like enough bad stuff hasn’t happened to Tony? He got the plague. He fell for a mark and then had to break her heart and his own.

Did they really have to kill her?  I don’t think we can be friends anymore NCIS. I think I might need to break up with you.


One thought on “Fiendish Friday: NCIS – Season 13

  1. winneyb says:

    I read online that theres a glimmer of hope about that. It was hinted that Tony doesnt believe that Ziva is dead. You know theres something cagey going on. I think shes still alive.

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