Fiendish Friday: CSI Miami


August 19, 2016 by tahenryauthoress

There are times when I just feel so…empty of joy. When I am sad and suffering malaise and my heart needs time to process the new normal. I am not a rapid processor. It can take me some months to come to terms with changes in status. By which I mean things like the death of a friend, betrayal by someone, or just a general crappy feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to accept more. God help me when all three coincide – hello life.

Now I am a big TV watcher. I am. I like to crawl into the bed at the end of the day and just watch an episode, or half an episode, and drift off to sleep. It soothes me. But when I get into one of the aforementioned malaise situations, I can’t watch TV I like. What if my state of dysfunction makes me not like the show anymore. And I can’t watch anything new because I know I won’t like it. So that leaves me with….

CSI Miami, because it’s already so bad, it can’t be ruined by my mood. LOL

What do you watch when you have the doldrums?


9 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: CSI Miami

  1. Skye Hegyes says:

    My moods shift, and I end up watching a little bit of everything. Call me crazy but I like CSI Miami. Is it the best show, no, but I’ll admit I probably like it because it’s one of the few crime shows where I can actually figure out who did it. Lol

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  2. talkchatter says:

    Columbo or Murder She Wrote more often than not as I don’t need my brain for either and I love watching Columbo wind up the murderer.

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  3. brouwerpk says:

    There is nothing I like so well that it cannot be ruined by attempting to enjoy it while on an airplane. Food doesn’t taste right, I can’t get into books, music is just kind of “there” without having any presence. Ironically that is exactly the situation where I can watch just about anything, because it passes the time and I don’t expect it to do anything more than that. So I guess when I’m in the doldrums I watch something, anything, that I otherwise would never have watched.

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  4. Bad reality TV. Cops. On Netflix right now are a couple border-security-at-the-airport shows my son and I are enjoying. Or – check out Bridalplasty, if it’s still on Netflix. HORRIBLE.

    Dunno why I watch, but I feel better after, somehow.

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  5. winneyb says:

    Watching something bad when I feel bad? Anti-Vicky-fluff, right there. My friend there is no better time to play escape artist! A good antidote for me is always…. Asian Dramas. Ha ha. Here’s a cop show one:

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  6. jrose88 says:

    Lately I put on That 70’s Show a lot. I cycle through different shows that I watch and rewatch all the way through, this is just my latest. Either that, or something from the food network.

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