R is for Reader Contract


April 21, 2016 by tahenryauthoress

“Put the reader in the world, immediately.”R

“Do not obfuscate what is going on to the point that the reader no longer cares.”

“It is easier to be overly subtle than to be too direct.”

“Hit them with the clue stick harder than you think you should.”

“If your reader feels left out on the inside joke, they’ll leave your book.”

“Do not mislead your reader. The unreliable narrator is a bad idea. Example: It was all a dream or was it? Avoid parlor tricks and slight of hand.”

“Do not insert yourself into the novel to explain what it all really means. Do not insert yourself at all.”

“You have to hear the click of the door closing at the end of the novel. Satisfy your reader, but leave them with some work to do, some question unanswered.”

-Catching Readers Hook, Line, and Sinker Panel


3 thoughts on “R is for Reader Contract

  1. brouwerpk says:

    > “Hit them with the clue stick harder than you think you should.”

    Forget the clue stick, some of us occasionally need a taste of the clue by four.

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  2. This was such a great panel! Thanks for catching some of the key points for us.

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  3. winneyb says:

    ;’Put the reader into the world, immediately’. so good- and so hard to do!

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