C is for Change (it up)


April 4, 2016 by tahenryauthoress


“Don’t assume what used to work always will; change it up.”

“If you usually work to a word count, hide it temporarily and assume any progress is good progress. If you normally ignore your word count, set a reasonable amount to make each day and then stop when you hit it, so you don’t feel guilty about living life as well as writing it.”

“There’s an unwritten publishing law that you can change an editor once with no harm to foul to your career, so leave the relationship if it is not working for your career.”

-Fighting Through the 20K Slump, The Art of Rewriting it Again, and Finishing Your Fiction Panels


2 thoughts on “C is for Change (it up)

  1. Nothing like a deadline to keep you on target. Or does that only work if you will actually get paid at the end of the week?

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