Fiendish Friday: Connect the Dots


February 26, 2016 by tahenryauthoress

While I was in Portland, I went to Powell’s because hello, Powell’s is amazing. I spent rather a lot of time in their Star Wars and Lego book section. The perils of having an almost seven year old boy. It could be worse; I am eternally grateful that he outgrew the Thomas the Tank Engine age.

So after a while I got tired of standing about watching him look at every page of every book before asking if he could get it. So I started looking on the opposite side of the aisle. They had game books. Some of the normal game books but also a lot of cool things. Like a Murder Mystery Crossword puzzle book where you have to solve the crossword puzzle to figure who dun it and with what.

But I also grabbed an Extreme Connect the Dots. Now when I showed the book to G in the store, she laughed heartily.  But I bought it anyway and when I mentioned later that I bought it she was like “I thought you were kidding.” Hrm.

Then I came home and commented on a blog about adult coloring books, that I did connect the dots, and that blogger was like Huh?

So apparently I am a freak in this as well. I like Extreme Connect the Dots. This one has cool architectural locations from around the world and between 800-2400 dots per picture. LOL


One of the smaller ones I did of the Sydney Opera House.


7 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Connect the Dots

  1. Very cool…I’ve never seen one of those. I think it would be fun. But then I’m a little different too. 😉

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  2. I saw one of those at Lark Toys when I visited last year. Didn’t buy it…I bought a two-headed dragon instead….but those are really cool. This was just before Adult Coloring became a thing again….

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  3. Hey there! You have such an interesting blog here. I relished reading all your posts. Here’s hoping you’ll check out my blog too sometime soon. 🙂
    Best wishes.

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