Book Review: That Last Weekend

I adore Laura DiSilverio. She writes two cozy series I truly enjoy. So when I saw this thriller, That Last Weekend, it was a no brainer.

Basic Summary (Courtesy of Amazon):

A terrible accident. A killer among friends.

A woman risking everything for answers.

Every year for a decade, five college friends spent a weekend together at the atmospheric Chateau du Cygne Noir. Then, tragedy struck.

Ten years later, Laurel Muir returns to the castle for the first time since the accident, hoping to reconnect with her friends and lay the past to rest. When a murderer attacks, it rips open old wounds and forces the women to admit there’s a killer in their midst. The remaining friends make a pact to unearth the truth, but suspicion, doubt, and old secrets threaten to tear them apart. Unsure who to trust, Laurel puts herself in harm’s way, risking it all for friendship and long-delayed justice.

My Thoughts:

Slower than molasses in winter. But so intense, it’s chipotle infused molasses. It’s all about relationships, the psychology of how people behave, of what matters most to them and the lengths they will go to protect that. To manipulate you.

I easily spent 2/3s of the book praying the character I liked the most, wasn’t the killer because I could easily see how she might be. How they all might have done it.

Really well written. Really excellent bead on what makes people tick.


Sunday Sup: Scallops

I cobbled together this meal earlier this week and it was madly tasty. I might have posted something similar before, who can remember.

Bacon Spinach Scallops

Cook 1/2 lb bacon in a large skillet over medium heat.

Start defrosting your scallops if frozen. (You know, colander with cold water running?)

Mince a shallot. Mince two garlic cloves (Or get out the premade equivalent.)I put this is a little glass bowl, ready and waiting.

Stir the bacon. Turn over the scallops in the colander.

Zest a lemon, juice two lemons, add 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes. I put this is a little glass bowl, ready and waiting.

Stir the bacon. Turn over the scallops in the colander.

Fish out the crispy bacon, set on paper towel to drain a bit.

Dry the scallops. Cook the scallops in bacon grease. Two minutes per side should have them opaque and slightly browned.

Remove scallops.

Add shallot and garlic to bacon grease pan. Stir round for a minute.

Add Lemon juice, etc mixture to pan, stir round and scrape up all the good bits on the bottom of the pan. Add 4 c baby spinach and stir to wilt, 1-2 minutes.

Add the scallops and bacon back and give everything a good mix.

This was too yummy for a picture to get taken but I do have macros for you….

1/4 the pan: 10.3 fat, 24 protein, 6.3 total carb, 4.3 net carbs.


Fiendish Friday: When do the rules apply to you?

The other day I was driving in what I must say was particularly bad traffic. I was held up in one lane going up the mountain by a school bus letting children off. It happens. I, and a dozen other cars were waiting. What the school bus meant was I had plenty of time to watch what happened next.

Coming the other direction, a car was lagging, like 15 mph in a 45 zone. Probably on their phone. Several cars behind this driver decided to pass him. On a one lane each direction road. Across a double yellow. So they pulled into the opposite direction lane to go around this guy doing 15. Except the guy caught on and started speeding up. The third car trying to pass him is still in the opposite direction lane.

Both cars are accelerating towards the stopped line of cars behind the bus as the guy trying to pass illegally is still in the wrong lane. Neither driver is budging and they’re still coming towards the bus.

I seriously have to wonder. What are people thinking in that moment? I’m going to pass this guy even if it kills me and a school bus of children? I’m not letting this guy pass me even if it kills him and a school bus of children?

Why is it so hard for people to just drive in a reasonable manner?


Wednesday Words 3.14

I realized this morning my birthday is in 3 months. In fact, my birthday falls on a Wednesday this year. That is the perfect date for my surprise to kick off. What better thing for my readers than a gift to you for my birthday, after all you do put up with me. LOL

Ergo, I announce, June 13th I will begin posting the full manuscript to my first novel in the “Dismember Killer” trilogy, one chapter per week, right here.

Let’s do that again in big flashy color.


You might have noticed… there’s no title for the first book.

Yeah, that’s a problem I’m working on. LOL

What are you working on?

Book Review: Anyone You Want Me To Be

Pure research, although I had to wait for a while to get this one, popular book. John Douglas used to be a Fed, a profiler in fact, and turned his skills to educated the public about how dangerous some people can be.

Basic Summary (Courtesy of Amazon):

Legendary FBI profiler and #1 New York Times bestselling author John Douglas explores the shocking case of John Robinson, a harmless, unassuming family man whose criminal history began with embezzlement and fraud — and ended with his arrest for the savage murders of six women and his suspected involvement in at least five disappearances. Most disturbing was the hunting ground in which Robinson seduced his prey: the world of cyberspace. Haunting chat rooms, targeting vulnerable women, and exploiting the anonymity of the Internet, his bloody spree was finally halted by a relentless parole officer who spent ten years trying to nail Robinson as a cold-blooded killer.

A cautionary tale set in a virtual world where relationships are established without the benefit of physical contact, and where mainstream Americans can be drawn down a dark path of temptation and death, Anyone You Want Me To Be is a contemporary real-life drama of high-tech crime and punishment.

My Thoughts:

Some of his statistics were so unbelievable I noted them so I could google as soon as had wifi again. And every time, the stats were actually worse today that what he quoted when the book was written. For example, John claimed 66% of death penalty convictions were overturned on appeal. I thought, no way. It’s now 75% since the death penalty was reinstated. He said in 1960 the clearance rate for homicide was 90%, now it was down to 64-67%. Well, as of today, it’s less than 60.

Makes me think my detectives are just too good. LOL. I need to play with my dialogue a bit.

I really enjoyed his profiler’s description of a sociopath. I plan to let it flavor my serial killer.

Over all, I found this an intriguing read. It was mildly repetitive. Unfortunately, it was very heavy on the foreshadowing, which released the tension, rather than building it.

Fiendish Friday: The Last Time

I swear this is the last time I will complain about the coop. But….

We’re in the home stretch. I am off the board. The new members are doing their jobs (hence me having time to write EVERY DAY). But I’m still chairing the scheduling committee. We got a schedule put together. Got it through feedback from the members. Fixed it all up.

And then it started.

“You moved my class to x time and that doesn’t work for me.”

“It meets all seven guidelines you gave me in your proposal.”

“You must have misunderstood. Please change it.”

I have played so much Tetris with little boxes of information this week, my eyes are permanently crossed.

Of course we still have to release to the members for registration. And every change that was suggested in feedback that we were unable to make….yup a parent will complain (and no angel will get her wings).

I am so close to done, I can taste it. If the kiddo doesn’t go there next year, I don’t have to do anything but teach. Can you imagine? I can’t. LOL

Wednesday Words 3.7

Cold but sunny. Makes it nice to write at the family computer in the kitchen. Warm with great views.

I spent a little too much time look at retirement property today. Given we’re still like 20-25 years from that. Sometimes you just have to look around while you can.

I finished a short for an anthology this morning. It’s off to my critique partners before I polish and send it to Dan. He’s running another contest this spring, enter if you like, and then putting together other anthology. The Box Under the Bed was the last one and it’s still doing well on Amazon.

I’ve been writing daily again. It’s been very enjoyable. I forgot how much fun it can be to create a world and some people and then make bad things happen to them so they can grow and change and have good things. LOL.

I recently made my writing students do a little exercise. I said “I want you to describe a fight for me.” Then I asked how many thought physical altercation and how many thought verbal sparring. Then I made them write the opposite of what came to mind. LOL. It’s all about stretching away from what’s comfortable to grow as an artist and person. Sometimes just moving forward even when I can’t any traction is all I can manage in the realm of personal growth.

What about you? Where do you need to grow? What can you do to challenge yourself a little?